Our complete control room solutions in the UK

  • Usability through a human-centred design
  • Modularity and Flexibility
  • Unified communications
  • Interoperability
  • Cost savings
LifeX Twickenham
Frequentis recognises the changing demands on blue- and orange-light emergency services as well as the emerging security challenges. In response, our complete control room solutions provide greater interoperability, as well as richer collaboration with partner agencies and stakeholders. We offer an integrated and unified end-to-end platform that includes all common control room operations.

Unified communication and collaboration platform

These benefits are achieved by harmonising all forms of contact, dispatch and communications technologies to create a holistic view through omnichannel communication and appropriate handling/sharing of any event intelligence as it arrives.
Comprising LifeX (on premise), LifeX as a Service (cloud based), Unique CAD, FlagMii EML and nowtice, our flexible, single control room solutions are the Frequentis answer to the needs of critical-response control rooms.

Product Portfolio Overview

Mission critical voice communication

Mission-critical voice communication

(LifeX or LifeX as a Service)

Voice and multimedia recorder
Safe (highly available and resilient)
Fast (deployed on premise or in the cloud)
Easy (contact centre & dispatcher functionality)
Flexible (no client installed, web-browser based)
Incident and resource management

Incident and resource management

(Unique CAD)

Map centric
Semi automation
Intuitive, user driven workflows
Flexible deployment (smart client, web, mobile)
Adaptable architecture & user interface

Multimedia communication

Multimedia communication 

(FlagMii EML)

Silent call
Emergency location
No application required
Simultaneous translation
Direct access to (live) video and pictures
Mass alerting

Mass alerting


Cell-broadcasting technology
Automated sensors and alarms 
Configuration of pre-defined plans
Mass delivery to any medium and device
Alert citizens or field crew in a specific area

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Discover how tomorrow´s control room solutions transform communication in blue- and orange light emergency services as well as critical-response control centres.
Our solutions can help to optimise and unify your mission-critical operations, including fire, ambulance, police as well as utility communication systems.

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About Frequentis

Frequentis Group, founded in 1947 and headquarted in Vienna, is a global supplier of communication and information systems for control centres within the safety-critical environment. Frequentis operates a worldwide network of representatives in more than 50 countries and is deployed at more than 40,000 operator working positions in around 150 countries. With deep cross-industry experience in public safety, civil aviation, defence,  maritime and public transportation markets, the company has driven innovation and achieved many "industry firsts".
Frequentis UK, based in Twickenham, provides for over 30 years the local market expertise, skills and capability to ensure the global solutions meet UK customer requirements and standards.
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